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Whats this about?[Bearbeiten]

soc-lm32 is a complete open source "system on a chip" based upon the Lattice Mico32 32 bit RISC CPU core. The original version from Lattice Semiconductor does only work on windows and is optimized for the Lattice FPGA toolchain. This version aims for cross-vendor and cross platform compatibility.

Supported Development Boards[Bearbeiten]

This design runs on

Included Preipherals[Bearbeiten]

The following Wishbone components are included:

  • DDR SDRAM controller (see [wiki:wb_ddr] for details)
  • SRAM controller (16bit and 32bit databus width)
  • RS232 Serial communication UART
  • Simple SPI Master
  • Dual 32 bit timer component

Getting the source[Bearbeiten]


More and better documentation is needed -- But there is the beginnings of a Getting Started Guide

Compiler and Toolchain[Bearbeiten]

Lattice released a patched version of the complete GNU toolchain: gcc/g++, binutils, gdb and newlib. You may want to read the instructions on how to soc-lm32/lm32-toolchain install the crosscompiler.

Projects using soc-lm32[Bearbeiten]

For example, soc-lm32 was used in: