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Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Lab3d screenshot 0.jpg
Description A live status monitor and 3D action game featuring the Labor
Author(s)  Soeren
Last Version  0.0
Platform  PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris)
License  Source: GPL
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Rat player model for Lab3d

Lab3d is a project to visualize the Labor with computer graphics. It can be both used as a game, as well as a live status monitor for the Labor.




  • It's been decided to use the IOQuake3 engine
  • The first weapon has been coded & modeled: A PU-Foam can
  • Improvements were added to the quake3 engine:
    • MD4 Model format loading
    • UI Changes (mostly cleanups)

The Live status monitor[Bearbeiten]

A Server hosted in the Labor receives live status messages from all possible sorts of devices that are connected to the can-bus. Every light switch event and opened window will be shown directly in the game as it runs. Actions (such as blind-opening, controlling the lights, etc.) are as well possible from within the game, but solely if you're in the spectator group. This is done to prevent accidental toggling of light switches when people play the game ;-)

External conditions, such as weather (rain/snow, sunshine, etc.), aswell as day- & nighttimes are projected into the game as well.

The game[Bearbeiten]

The game itself is a team-based deathmatch game. There are 3 teams that can be used by players. The playing field is the entire labor as well as the frontyard (car parking space).

Team Rats[Bearbeiten]

The Rats are small and fast. They have better vision in dark rooms and can sneak through holes. I.e. if a window is opened, a rat may enter the Labor. Their goal is to fetch as much food as possible while in the game.

Rats can sabotage all sorts of functions of the Labor: They can bite into cables and disconnect, for example the lighting or the phoneline to the outside (so humans can't call the pizza delivery).

Special features[Bearbeiten]

  • Food radar: Rats can smell food from longer distances
  • Nightvision: Although a little blurry, rats have eyes that enable them to see objects in endarkened rooms
  • Can sneak through small holes & tunnels
  • Can spread biological viruses (to infect nerds)

Ressources needed[Bearbeiten]

  • Food (can be Pizza or crumbs)


  • Poisoned food or crumbs
  • Electrical shock (biting into the wrong cable)

Team Nerd[Bearbeiten]

The nerds are the humans in this game. They are the largest entities in the game and can reprogram robots, infect them with viruses. Just like the "real" nerd, players in the nerd team need food: Therefore the nerds need to order pizza from time to time. While they're eating, they drop crumbs in every place, which can be eaten by rats. A nerd can only eat until he's repleted - when this is the case, a nerd can't consume more food, which then is a possible attractor for rats.

Special features/abilities[Bearbeiten]

  • Can open/close doors
  • Can toggle Light switches
  • Can call the pizza delivery boy
  • Can barely see in dark places (no worries, there will be flashlight items)
  • Can enslave Robots

Ressources needed[Bearbeiten]

  • Pizza


  • Sunlight
  • Hunger
  • Lack of internet connectivity

Team Robots[Bearbeiten]

The robots are equipped with different features, depending on the model chosen: I.e. some may have nightvision, others have guns, some can fly. They constantly need power, which they either can draw from a power outlet inside the Labor or outside through solar panels on a sunny day in the yard.

Special featuers[Bearbeiten]

  • Various weapons
  • Radar with teammates

Ressources needed[Bearbeiten]

  • Electrical Power (during sunshine or from a power-outlet)


  • Computer viruses
  • Power loss
  • Rain