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  • Hutter, Michael and Schwabe, Peter: NaCl on 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers. In: Progress in Cryptology - AFRICACRYPT 2013, pp 156-172. PDF Springer

    There exists an extensive literature describing implementations of cryptographic primitives on AVR microcontrollers and other embedded processors. Some of them have been integrated into libraries that offer a set of cryptographic functionalities, e.g., AVR-Crypto-Lib[15], TinyECC[24], Na-noECC[32], or the AVR Cryptolibrary from Efton s.r.o.[13]. [...]

    There is also a C implementation of Salsa20 in the AVR-Crypto-Lib[15] written by Daniel Otte. His implementation requires 723 clock cycles for initializing the state and 94476 clock cycles for encryption. [...]

    15. Das Labor e.V. AVR-Crypto-Lib. Available online at


  • Wenzel-Benner, Christian and Gräf, Jens: XBX: eXternal Benchmarking eXtension for the SUPERCOP Crypto Benchmarking Framework. In: Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, CHES 2010, pp 294-305. PDF Springer

    Most of this code came from ’Das Labor’[5], a small device working group related to Ruhr Uni Bochum who wrote a collection of cryptographic primitives implemented specifically for the Atmel AVR family. [...]

    5. Otte, D., et al.: AVR Crypto Lib., (accessed February 27, 2010)