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Find us here


Please sort e-mails autonoumously into the following folders:

  • info AT <- your way to contact us!
  • presse AT <- press inquiries - your way to contact us (if 'press' applies to you)

Of course you should replace the AT by the corresponding sign.


Reach LABOR by phone via

  • +49-(0)234-7941989

Mailing lists[Bearbeiten]

announce (at)[Bearbeiten]

discuss (at)[Bearbeiten]

Jabber Chatroom[Bearbeiten]

  • Room:

Postal address[Bearbeiten]

Labor e.V.
Alleestr. 50
44793 Bochum

Bank details[Bearbeiten]

The bank details are on the impressum page for security reasons.


The Labor's logo (see the top left corner) unites the three most important components/ideas the Labor bases itself on: man, information & technology

The logo has been created during the Labor's founding period and is licenced under a Gnu Free documentation License. (Author: Sören Heisrath)

Download the logo as SVG. Download as PNG.