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Mittwoch 16. September 2009 von jiffies

== Labortage 2009 - Call for Papers "Who tinkers is right!"**** ==When  :   From October, 29th till November 1st 2009 Where :   On the premises of Das Labor e.V in [...]

== Labortage 2009 - Call for Papers "Who tinkers is right!"

        • ==

When  :   From October, 29th till November 1st 2009 Where :   On the premises of Das Labor e.V in Bochum URL   :

Important facts:

  • For every talk or workshop we'll allocate about 1 hour * The workshop's subject should fit the focus of our event * Submissions may be emailed to * Submission's deadline is October, 1st 2009

The "Labortage" are an annual event arranged by the Labor in Bochum. Its main purpose is to be a meetingpoint and community for people, who want to know how things work and tinker cool stuff. We use and develop free software. We program microcontrollers, etch boards and solder everything one can imagine. We welcome even creative arts. Long talk short: The members of Das Labor e.V. want to create new and useful things using technology, to educate, to criticize and improve without taking a political position.

However people who can explain who things work are of course as important as a good equipment. Das Labor e.V. offers speeches, workshops and discussions in a wide variety of tech related topics. Of course its possible for you to share your knowledge with an audience. You're highly interested in a topic and you want to let your enthusiasm infect others? Well you have always the opportunity to give a talk even when the Labortage are over. Of course we don't limit our work and tinkering to events. There is always something being build or coded - alone or with others. The never ending flow of knowledge within a friendly athmosphere is an important condition for continous development: Because everything that shows you how the world goes round is at home in our hackerspace.


Focus for the Labortage 2009 should be on following topics:

- T1: Practical usage of microcontrollers and FPGAs

You have a project featuring a microcontroller and want to present it. Or maybe you want to develop together with others a project.

- T2: Software in the wild

You wrote a cool software, hunt an idea or a programming- language. Tho you may not neccessary need to know what it is good for. However you gathered quite some knowled which you are eager to share with others. Or for some reason you want to discuss about the latest software-trends and improve existing beginnings.

- T3: Math, security, computer sience in generel, physics, electronics

"Ein Drittel? Nee, ich will mindestens ein Viertel." - Horst Szymaniak

- T4: Basics and correct approach

There are many subject for which newbies or shiftees may not know the basics. There are certain procedure-standards, which need correct approaches. You had a long way learning all the things you had and want to ease introduction for everyone.

- T5: Cultureflash

You are interested in (sub-)culture and discovered something juicy? Share it! Perhaps its licenses or philosophical paradigms you want give a closer understanding of. However some might even be interested in meme or other digital absurdities. Or maybe its world domination? Well, give it a try!

- T6: Lifestyle

"Lebenskunst ist die Kunst des richtigen Weglassens. - Coco Chanel" This applies for the LABOR e.V., too. Be it for cooking, organizing our calendar, the notorious chaos on our desks or just for social interference.

These topics shall be arranged as a manifold program of workshops and talks. Guided construction kit assembly into working hardware is just one of the many possible activities. There will be a HackTheBox project our visitors may want to pwn, too.

Just as it was last year a social component is a mandatory field. Das LABOR e.V. wants to establish and encourage social contacts. Alongside our 'nerds cooking in the wild' and the coffee flatrate all lecturers will enjoy the Labortage for free.

Concepts for workshops and abstracts for speeches and/or papers you are willing to talk about may be e-mailed to: Deadline is october, 1st 23:59 GMT

We're looking forward to welcome you at the Labor...


Das LABOR e.V.