Type Erasure

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Type Erasure
Akteur Alexander Matus
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Beginn 2014/12/18 19:30:00
Ende 2014/12/18 22:00:00
Ort LABOR e.V., Alleestr. 50, 44793 Bochum
Verantwortlich seu
Art talk
Rahmenveranstaltung Pott C++
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Kurzbeschreibung: Hello C++ Freaks. I’m pleased to announce that Alexander Matus is talking to us about Type Erasure in C++ on Thursday, December 18th at the usual place at das-labor.org. Also, some folks have been at Meeting C++ conference in Berlin and will give us a short wrap up of things happened there, uh, and maybe updates about the latest state of Scott Meyer’s hairdo.

Here they are, the slides for Alexander’s talk about type-erasure. Slides come in the community language, German that is.