February C++ Meetup in the Ruhr area

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February C++ Meetup in the Ruhr area
Akteur Jacob David
Akteur Email jacob@omg-it.works
Akteur URL http://pottcpp.de/events/february-c-meetup-in-the-ruhr-area/
Beginn 2015/02/19 19:30:00
Ende 2015/02/19 20:00:00
Ort LABOR e.V., Alleestr. 50, 44793 Bochum
Verantwortlich seu
Publikum 17
Art talk
Rahmenveranstaltung Pott C++
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Kurzbeschreibung: Hi there C++ aficionados. Jörn stepped in and will give a standup talk. Something about testing your code. Test your code? Real men don’t test their code, don’t they? The talk will last more or less one hour so that there is still plenty of time for discussions or beer tastings afterwards.