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Version vom 20. September 2016, 14:16 Uhr

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Wann: Abwechselnd jeden 3. Montag und Mittwoch im Monat, 20:00 Uhr


  • Selbstorganisation!

Wie auch Baron Münchhausen zieht sich das LABOR Meeting an den Haaren selbst aus dem Sumpf des Chaos. Die Entwicklung eines komplexeren System aus dem simplem System welches noch vor 20:00 CET abwechselnd am Montag und Mittwoch existierte ist das primäre Ziel dieser Veranstaltung.



When engineers build a suspension bridge, first they draw a thin cable across the body of water. Then they use that cable to hoist a larger one. Then they use both cables to pull a third, and eventually create a thick cable of intertwined wires that you can drive a truck across (actually hundreds of trucks).

That's a bootstrap. First you take a step you know is on the path, learn from it, and use it to lift up the next level. And unlike the designer of a suspension bridge, we must be more flexible, because the pace of innovation in our art is so rapid. We don't know exactly what next year's trucks will look like, how much they weigh, or how many wheels they have. That's why this stuff comes in layers and why they have been designed with more power than they need to get today's job done.

(Dave Winer)