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Obsoletion notice[Bearbeiten]

The services documented here are no longer offered.

Subversion is a source code (version-) control system -- not very different to CVS. If you are new to the concept of version control systems you may read the wikipedia article about Revision Control Systems.


Besides the subversion server, which is used by most Labor projects, we also run a Bazaar server.


$ svn co

[... doing things with the source ...]

$ svn commit -m "README extended"

Commit Access[Bearbeiten]

Write operations to the subversion are using HTTPS and the URL named above. Everything you need is a valid subversion account. The corresponding file is /var/svn/htpasswd.labor and the tool htpasswd is used to create new accounts and modifying the password for existing once.

sudo htpasswd /var/svn/htpasswd.labor <username>

This is obviously limited to local Labor members who have an account on roulette. Any one else may ask for an account via mail at .