Soc-lm32/lm32-toolchain install the crosscompiler

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Getting the Source[Bearbeiten]

Lattice released a patched gcc, binutils and gdb. You can download these packages from the Lattice homepage but there are some patches needed, to get it running (and compiling).

The lm32 is also part of our LiveCD.

Binary Linux x86 (gcc3.4.6): lm32_linux_i386

Binary Mac OSX (ab 10.4 x86) (gcc3.4.6): lm32_osx_i386

You can get a patched version form our web server.

Source (gcc3.4.6): lm32-src-patched

All you have to do on a unix machine is:

sudo make

Please notice the licenses from Lattice.

We have also an Makefile for download and compiling the gcc4.4 toolchain. Checkout.

svn co