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Also visit the partner page at [ DoES Liverpool] and the [ program schedule] of the Schauspielhaus.
Also visit the partner page at [ DoES Liverpool] and the [ program schedule] of the Schauspielhaus.
Additional Info: The construction site (Sewage Pipes) in front of Rotunde is scheduled till July, we have to deal with the ugly fences.

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Also visit the partner page at DoES Liverpool and the program schedule of the Schauspielhaus.

Additional Info: The construction site (Sewage Pipes) in front of Rotunde is scheduled till July, we have to deal with the ugly fences.


An interactive art exhibition in Bochum.


2014-04-03 Video conference

Participants: Ross Dalziel (DoES), Patrick Fenner (DoES), Marcus Brinkmann (Labor), 19.00 Bochum time

  • The Labor@DoES exchange will happen at 9.-11. May 2014. The 10th is Maker Day (10am-5pm), so it should be buzzing with activity.
  • Patrick will show his crane to us, and we will discuss idea for its manifestation in Bochum. Patrick is very open to ideas and suggestions to shape it in different ways.
  • Specifically, he is looking for ways to reduce barriers for participation by the audience (how to prevent parents from telling their kids that they are not allowed to touch it, etc). Maybe some kind of automated mode where it follows people around, for example?
  • Ross showed pictures of the Rotunde. It's best to hang the pulleys for the crane as high as possible, so we will want to extend through the hole in the ceiling to the second floor. There is a second level scaffold beside the lower circular scaffold that might be suitable, but the higher the wider the range of motion is, so the ceiling of the second floor is even better.
  • The first level scaffold (circular) is ideal to install sound and light equipment. Ross is a-ok with going all Disco on it! (yay!)
  • Patrick is interested in stacking other items beside cardboard boxes, gripping from the outside rather than the inside. Cardboard and foam are safe and fun. Other ideas? White cardboard was previously painted on (it has a matte and a reflective side). Marcus suggested digital projections on the cardboard with an interactive tablet to draw in real-time.

2014-04-14 Video conference

Participants: Ross Dalziel (DoES), Patrick Fenner (DoES), Das Labor (Marcus, Endres, Mati), 20.00 Bochum time


  • Suction cup header.
  • Rotating header.
  • Cube shapes (real-world Tetris)
  • Mati's dimmable neon lights and Endres' scrolling LED sign.
  • Moving heads can be aligned with crane to automatically follow it.
  • Liverpool wiki has a page about Public Engineering now.


  • Find out how to create carton cubes in huge quantities.
  • Make a layout plan how to put things in the Rotunde (visit the location for this).

2014-04-24 Labor Meeting

Participants: Das Labor (Marcus, Katti, Bitpick, lauscher, Mati, jago, Kai, blafoo)

Marcus gave a thorough introduction and update about the current status of the project.

  • Katti, Andreas volunteered to organize the contact with the Schauspielhaus and Rotunde. We want to visit the location as soon as possible.
  • Katti will book the flights on short notice by the participants.
  • Mati will take care of the boxes and tries to reach Thomas who is rumored to have good connections.
  • Blafoo organizes Jan and Kai for the exchange.
  • We will plan the exhibition (state of Labor objects, contacting people to repair them etc).

URGENT ACTION ITEMS: Flights, Contact to Rotunde/Schauspielhaus, Inquiries about boxes.

Next meeting: Monday, 28. 4. 2014 @labor.

2014-05-09 to 2014-05-11 Labor@DoES

Participants: to be announced

  • Das Labor visits the DoES Liverpool to kickstart the project in person!
  • Are we going to discuss any technical details?Laurenz (Diskussion) 23:06, 5. Apr. 2014 (CEST)
    • The main goal is to see the crane in action, and to understand it at a technical and interaction level. How is the crane perceived and used by the audience? (Marcus (Diskussion) 16:20, 24. Apr. 2014 (CEST))

The Crane

Main installation will be an interactive crane by Patrick Fenner. Here is material showing the crane in action.

There are CAD and image files available. Videos of the crane in action: Video 1 and Video 2

Patrick says about the controls: "While I have done the [ kinematics], in these installations it's actually more fun when controlling manually if you just give the public controls for each of the three motors and let them figure out how to make it work!"

The crane is also visible in this video (at 9:03): Making Minecraft Real

The Place

It has been Bochums main station for only a few years around 1950, especially build for a church congress. Since then it became an old well-known event location (see also: The Rotunde has the "working charme" we are looking for. It's got a big entrance hall with a round window in the roof (the "Rotunde", see pictures) and a few more rooms, but we would prefer the entrance hall. Using the main entrance there's only one stair, but there's also a side entrance without stairs at all. The Rotunde is near by the Schauspielhaus. further details

Some items from the Labor have been in the Rotunde before: Robot Unicorn Invasion



  • What infrastructure is on site and can be used spontaneously?
  • What infrastructure has to be removed because it is in the way?
  • How high is the ceiling (outside and inside the circle)?
  • What's the size of the large room? (We have a layout, but the digits are unreadable).


  • How many boxes do we need?
  • What cutouts do we need?


  • Which borgs etc. do we want to show?
  • Who repairs/cleans/etc. them?
  • What do we need from the Schauspielhaus?
    • Plexiglas
    • Soldering safety goggles
    • ...