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Overview Pre-paid mobile broadband

This shall serve as an overview for cheap 3g mobile broadband providers, sorted by country. (For all of us, who like their internet always-on, no matter where they are.)

Please feel free to add geek-approved providers you can recommend, if your country is not listed, yet, feel free to add it, too.


This is a private collection of links and explanations with absolute no commercial interest. The information is provided as-is and not necessarily up to date. The information on this page does not give any product recommendation and is no substitute for you reading the complete contract a provider offers you. You are solely responsible for any contract you sign and any product you buy, so read the details. Especially are neither Das Labor e.V. nor any contributor to this list to be held responsible for your actions. This page shall merely give you some hints where to look when you need some cheep and fair mobile broadband access abroad.

Providers/Tariffs by Country

Please mark your entries with [PHONE], if the respective tariff allows for the use on a phone, only, not tethering allowed. Mark your entry with [DATA-ONLY], if the tariff you recommend is a data-only plan, where calls/short message are either blocked or insanely expensive. Mark your entry with [BOTH], if the respective tariff allows for phone calls/short messages and mobile broadband internet no matter what device you use for accessing the internet.






  • [PHONE] [T-Mobile Pay-as-you-go SIM only]
    • Phone calls 25p/min
    • Text msg 10p
    • Mobile internet on your phone "0.73p per KB each day (midnight to midnight) when you use internet on your phone until you hit £1 a day and then we won't charge you any more"
    • Fair-use policy: 40MB/day
    • no tethering (+ other limitations, read the fine print)