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The Laborboard

The Laborboard is a small board for those of you who want to start programming microcontrollers.

What does it consist of?

The board's core is a ATmega32 controller. There are 4 buttons (Port B) and 8 LEDs (Port C) connected. Additionally there is a 16Mhz quartz oscillator, a reset button and a small circuit to stabilize the supply voltage.

Getting started

You can find a list of the needed parts in this wiki -- Find the component placement specification and circuit diagram here . A lot of example code can be found in our Subversion at

Step by

Projects building upon the Labor Micro Board

Setting fuses

For the controllers to work with the external quartz oscillator and to control the LEDs with all pins on Port C, you have to set the fuses correctly. ATTENTION: SETTING THE WRONG FUSES CAN BRICK YOUR CONTROLLER! The order is important, too: first set hfuse, then lfuse. have been warned. ;)

 avrdude -c bsd -p m32 -t

...some kind of console upens up ...

 write hfuse 0 0xc9
 write lfuse 0 0x9f

... you should see a confirmation message

If you lack avrdude, you can also use uisp:

 uisp -dprog=bsd --wr_fuse_h=0xc9
 uisp -dprog=bsd --wr_fuse_l=0x9f

pin assignment of the programming plug

   GND | 0 0 | MISO
   GND | 0 0 | SCK
   GND | 0 0   RESET (inv)
   GND | 0 0 | (not assigned)
   VCC | 0 0 | MOSI