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(Jabber Chatroom)
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==Jabber Chatroom==
==Jabber Chatroom==
* Raum:
* Room:
==Postal address==
==Postal address==

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Find us here


Please sort e-mails autonoumously into the following folders:

  • info AT <- your way to contact us!
  • presse AT <- press inquiries - your way to contact us (if 'press' applies to you)

Of course you should replace the AT by the corresponding sign.


Reach LABOR's room 5 by phone via

  • +49-(0)234-7941989

Mailing lists

Jabber Chatroom

  • Room:

Postal address

Labor e.V.
Alleestr. 50
44793 Bochum

Bank details

The bank details are on the impressum page for security reasons.

The Labor's logo (see the top left corner) unites the three most important components/ideas the Labor bases itself on: man, information & technology

The logo has been created during the Labor's founding period and is licenced under a Gnu Free documentation License. (Author: Sören Heisrath)

Download the logo as SVG. Download as PNG (300dpi).