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Release status: stable [box doku]

Description Multipurpose Performance Rover
Author(s)  A.B. (Bilex)
Platform  Representation


Ann is a multipurpose performance vehicle. Ann is able to transport two persons, where the crew consists of a captain in the front and a performer (e.g musician) at the back of the rover. A folding table provides room for performance equipment (e.g Step Syntheziser or violine). Next to its sophisticated outward appearance, Ann comes with a sound system that provides a superior sound experience. To be more flexible with electrical issues, Ann gives you the possibility to use 240V AC devices ONBOARD.


The vehicle consists mostly of parts taken from WoW. A few new parts were added to make it more solid. A U-shape support structure makes it easy to carry a sound system. To provide a hassle free transportation of Ann, the support frame can be turned down into a lower position. All the CAD work and renderings were done in Autodesk Inventor.


Nothing special to be mentioned here. Motor, both rear and front wheels and the powerunit were taken from a wheelchair. Two 26Ah batteries provide a few hours of driving fun. To keep things easy a 24V -> ~230V converter is onboard to easily operate a sound system or any other ordinary electronic devices.



Coming soon..