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The Labor-AVR-Live-CD is a Linux distribution based on Archlinux. It is intended to give first-time users a quick and easy start into microcontroller development, as it comes with all software needed, so you can start to code immediately: just download it, burn it to a CD and boot it or just start it in your favorite virtualization environment.

When running the live system, you can also use /opt/larchin/run/larchin.py to install the distribution to your harddrive or a USB stick.



  • most the embedded systems related source code ever produced by das Labor - build upon it even in an offline environment where you cannot just go 'svn co ...' (or ignore it and build your own stuff from scratch)
  • AVR-specific software
    • AVR toolchain
    • kontrollerlab (a GUI for avrdude & Co)
  • Tools for viewing and editing circuit board layouts
    • kicat
    • eagle
  • Text editors:
    • nano
    • vim
    • gedit
  • Browser
    • Firefox
  • Desktop environment
    • Xfce4
  • Misc
    • larch tools
    • various WLAN firmwares & drivers
    • yaourt (in addition to th packman packet management system. To install additional software from the AUR)


  • laborliveavrtest1:
    • Initial release
  • laborliveavr20090325:
    • new software
      • kicad
      • gedit
    • removed:
      • kwrite
    • Fixes:
      • kontrollerlab dependency bug
        • kdelibs3 installed
        • kdebase 4 removed
    • Laborlogo as desktop background
    • created laborsvn in /usr/bin
    • svn/microcontroller checkout from 24.03.2009 to /home/laborant/laborsvn
  • laborliveavr20090630build4.iso
    • complete rebuild (as the author forgot about the importance of backups)
    • still lacks GUI customization
    • still lacks script for checkout of the Labor-SVN checkout
    • find a svn checkout from 30.06.2009 in /home/laborant/svn
  • laborliveavr20090706.iso
    • added kicad und eagle
  • laborliveavr20090707build4.iso
    • added Labor artwork
      • Bootsplash
      • Wallpaper
    • created laborsvn in /usr/bin/ (downloads or updates the sections microcontroller und microcontroller-2 from the Labor-SVN to /home/laborant/svn/)
  • laborliveavr20090708.iso
    • Bootlogo fixed
    • installed bc


Questions: join our conference on jabber: labor@conference.das-labor.org or write an email to jan[at]das-labor[REMOVETHIS].org

Known Bugs

  • Virtualization with qemu on a 64bit host does not work


  • At the time being we only offer the most recent version for download
  • This is a so-called release candidate (RC), i.e. the software installed in the live system as well as the rest of the configuration may be subject to changes in future versions